• Tony Grimaldi, CEO, Cycleurope AB
    „Niels is really adding great value to our group of companies. He is an integral part of Cycleurope's long-term growth ambition.”
  • Michael Steinle, CEO, BSH Home Appliances Ltd.
    „The co-operation with Niels Kunov has led to a significant and sustainable jump in revenues with a European key account customer. His strategic preparation and subsequent implementation together with our team was on top level."
  • Johannes Huxol, Managing Director, TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG
    „... always new ideas, always close to the customer. His flexibility, creativity and professionalism are truly exemplary. It is fun to work with him."
  • Jan Dam, CEO, Veksø A/S
    „The approach provided by IPMS has created fast growth to the German market for our organisation.”
  • Michael Kowalski, Managing Director, Essmann GmbH
    „I have been convinced not only with Inter Pares' sharp analysis and conclusions, but especially with their ability to execute and deliver outstanding results together with our people. All projects quickly resulted in a strong RoI and created motivation and enthusiasm in the company."
  • John Kristensen, Owner & CEO, Build-A-Bear Workshop GmbH
    „Niels Kunov has brought enormous value to our company. He is one of the absolute best board members I have worked together with."
  • Morten B. Steiner, former CEO TIA Technology A/S, now Nordic CEO Avanade
    „Together with Niels Kunov we designed a highly ambitious international sales strategy and translated it to concrete execution measures for the sales organization. Based on this we gained significant new Tier 1 Clients across Europe."
  • Mike Kaier, former Columbia Sportswear GmbH, Country Manager DE, NL & SLO, now Division Manager FALKE Ergonomic Sport System
    „The take-away for my team, and also for me, was very significant and sustainable. This meant that I achieved a genuine sales breakthrough with my team."
  • Hubertus von Zastrow, Owner & CEO, pro-micron GmbH & Co. KG
    „Niels Kunov is a strong integrative and motivational personality, while always enterprising and results-oriented. He is a real value contributor in all forward-looking business development projects."
  • Jan-Simon Köritz, Managing Director, Universal Leasing GmbH
    „Inter Pares supported us in just the right way: Very fast comprehension of the issue, direct and decisive implementation, and they took full responsibility for the overall project outcome. That is precisely how I want to work with an external project manager."

Breakthrough in Sales

Inter Pares is a management consulting boutique focussed on sales excellence.  Our expertise lies in the identification and implementation of promising business development processes. In this context, business development means the generation and implementation of innovative and forward-looking sales strategies.

The key objective is: To improve radically  the success and impact of our clients. Our clients want to grow faster than the market and are willing to take the necessary measures in order to overcome internal resistance, and to leave the competition behind. This requires flexibility and the ability to question and re-define existing practices.

We develop the path towards genuine breakthroughs and we take 100% responsibility for the consistent implementation and through to the achievement of objectives.  We do this as a genuine associate and business partner of our clients.